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The Family. Why is it important to work with questions related to one's family and early childhood environment? To what extent our relationship forming capacity is rooted in childhood and family atmosphere? What can we do to see our role in the family in a helpful light? This talk was in May 2019 and was followed by a fruitful Q and A.   

Turning Points in our Biography: what are they and how to work with them? Recent Talk and Seminar in Rudolf Steiner House went very well. Thank you to all participants. 

Here is the video recording of Turning Points in Biography talk - click

2017 - 2018:

Biography as a Path of Development : three talks/seminars in St Michaels School, Hounslow. 

How can we become attentive to our own biography, to its underlying rhythms and forces, to ourselves and others in our life? What are the aptitudes, which we bring to this life, how we develop and meet our life tasks at different stages of our life? What can we do to take charge of our own development and our life themes to become more conscious about who we are now, how we have come to be who we are and have an insight into what we may become? These questions will of guide our work during these seminars. Talks will include elements workshop activities including question & answers and individual biography exercises. 

• 19th October Overview of life-phases, planetary influences, particular points in human biography, turning points and development process in human biography. 

• 16th November The twelve human senses. The first three lifephases (0-7, 7-14, 14-21) and role of these years in how we later form and develop relationships with ourselves and with others. 

• 18th January The focus of this Talk will be determined after the first two, responding to the wishes of the attending group

Below is feedback from one of the participants, published in the school Newsletter. 

‘I attended ‘Biography as a Path of Development’ talks with biographical counsellor Julia Dvinskaya – they were interactive and engaging sessions. She is very professional and natural; her own self enhances the experience beautifully. The sessions helped me re-engage with my life’s key events as I remembered them and during the process new windows of understanding emerged and I got a fresh understanding on those incidents. I can say it is a spiritual experience which connects you with your inner-self and in doing so and aligns body and soul bringing a peace. I will be interested to do some more comprehensive workshops on biographical self-understanding. I recommend it for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of their ‘self’. ‘ (Nisa Shah, Therapist and ethical business owner)

Thank you Nisa for your kind feedback.

Bookings must be made in advance via the School office. £10 for the session. The St Michael Steiner School, Park Road, Hanworth Park, TW13 6PN 020 8893 1299 Email Leigha Hipkin 

Events in 2017 and before:

Biography group Working with one's biography in a group took place on  1, 8, 22 April 2017. We had a great 7 people group and did some really good work.

2.12.2016, Friday 7 - 8.30 pm: a Seminar Consciousness and Biography. What Consciousness do we need for working with Biography?  

1.12.2015 :  a talk Can Anxiety be understood, met and let go of? followed by Q and A. Rudolf Steiner House in London, 35 Park Road. 

Below is a little extract: 

For salutogenesis (health generating process) the following is important: A perception that life makes sense.

'In the psychological realm, salutogenesis is concerned with building a sense of coherence, a feeling for what connects everything that exists. Only when a person can make sense both in the details and in the wider aspects of his world, can he find meaning in life. How is this achieved? Antonovsky gives a very concise answer to this question. The child must come to a satisfactory perception of the world through education. He or she must be able to learn that the world is: understandable, valuable, purposeful and manageable. This requires a worldview that helps towards gaining self-knowledge and the ability to cope in life – a perception that life makes sense.' (Dr. M. Gloeckler) 

On the 10th of March 2015 at 7.30 pm I gave a talk Life Events and Karma, in Steiner House in London, 35 Park Lane. 
The talk is part of the Tuesday talk series in Steiner House. The full programme is here

March and April 2016: Biography Work in a group - 3 Saturdays with follow up seminars in June and July 2016
March 2015: Biography Work on Saturday afternoons, 7th, 14th and 28th of March.

Working on one’s Biography in a Group
With Julia Dvinskaya

These workshops will facilitate a process where you can begin and then deepen the exploration of your life-path, get in touch with your life questions and acquire tools to work consciously with your life events and meetings, turning points, hindrances and achievements. There will be short talks about life phases and archetypes of human development, biography exercises in small groups, artistic explorations, a gradual building of your life-chart and conversations. Through this work we can learn to actively create our future individual development and face our life. Working in a biography group requires willingness to participate in exercises and a degree of openness to share your experiences.

The workshop consists of three afternoons. For the work we will be doing it is important that you attend all three.

It's a group work, maximum 10 participants. Email me with your questions and for more details. 

Worldwide Biography Conference, 2011 in the UK



(Worldwide Biography Conference, 2011) 

On the 15th of October 2013 I gave a talk in Steiner House in London, 35 Park Lane. The talk was part of Tuesday talks series. The full Programme is here. The theme for Autumn was Living in Today's World and I called my talk 'In dialogue with life'. 

Sleeping over the right moment. 
By David Newbatt

In 2012 I took part in the Fourth Annual Conference on Emotional Wellbeing in Rome at Marymount International School.  The theme that year was Family in Focus: building and maintaining healthy bonds. 

In my view transgenerational approach and vision are very important when we deal with our psycho- somatic conditions. 
This year's Programme was very interesting, the speakers were great. The programme can be viewed at the bottom of this page in a pdf file. Thank you all of you who came.

my workshop at the Conference this year was: 

Being in A Family: A Need, A Perk and A Challenge         

The aim of this workshop is to open the theme of what role a family plays in each person’s development from childhood into adulthood. It encourages participants to give thought to the necessary stages of childhood development and how they are provided for in each individual family constellation. In a family, parental and familial responsibilities are viewed differently by different members according to their own values, habits, hopes, ability to change and emotional responses, which in turn are often carried from their own families where they were children. This gives rise to challenges that we all experience: we are individuals on one hand and members of the family on another. Becoming aware of this theme is an important step towards building and maintaining healthy familial bonds. During the workshop theory background will be accompanied by appropriate experiential exploration. (from the Conference brochure) 

below a couple of photos from the workshop. I also have an audio recording of it. Let me know if you are interested. 


Events from 2011: 

- News from March 2011: On the 12th of March 2011, St Stephen's International School in Rome hosted the Third Annual Conference on Emotional Well-Being. This was a great event (previous year hosted in St George's School, Rome) - see the update below on this page ***

This year's Theme is Self-Esteem & Success: What Parents, Educators & Mental Health Professionals Can Do for the Children and Teenagers. 

My workshop titled "Making use of that proverbial larger picture. How we can learn to hear the life motifs of our children?"  took place before the lunch break.

Short Description of the workshop:
Children come to us at various points in our individual biographies. While we are still trying to make sense of our own life events, and follow our own life paths, we are entrusted with the task of guiding them to theirs. The way we deal with their resistances, struggles to find self-worth and responses to the challenge of ‘being successful’ has something to do with who we are, and with our own self-esteem, defense mechanisms and visions of success. In the workshop we will look at ways of helping children by formulating some exploratory questions to ourselves. Theory will be complemented by some carefully chosen experiential activities. Assurance of no personal disclosure in the process.  

The main goal is to give initial theoretical and practical tools of building deeper connection with the children’s struggles to find their own life calling.

If you are interested, you are invited.  Obviously, not only to my workshop but to the whole Conference. Let me know and I will send you the details of the fee. (not expensive, includes lunch too!) Below in the Attachments you can see the full Programme of this Conference. It promises to be very good and thought provoking. 

- News Added on the 14th of  March 2011: Thank you all who attended the Conference. I think you will agree that it was a full day, exciting, sometimes challenging, but rewarding (I hope). Next year there will be another Conference, number 4! Stay in touch, get information early and save the date.

Earlier that year: on the 18th of January we had a mini-workshop (tailor made for the group of interested people in the UK Embassy in Rome) on this exciting, deep and many faceted theme: 
Our New Year Resolutions. What are they? 

extract from the Flyer:

"..The merry year is born  - Like the bright berry from the naked thorn"  from Hartley Coleridge (1796-1849)

Everyone is cordially invited to a timely event: a workshop to explore the mysterious world of what we often call ‘our new year’s resolutions’.

If you have made your resolutions, or if you are still pondering them, or even if you think it is a pointless exercise – during the workshop you will have time and creative space to look at this phenomenon and have some personal insights.

The workshop includes open, guided conversations, the sharing of thoughts and questions, creative activity, the finding of possible blocks, and looking for inspirations for the future. The main aim is your personal inner work based on your thinking, feeling and will, and finding forces to engage with your individual life-tasks. If it sounds too intimate, I assure you there will be no obligation of personal disclosure, but do bring your inquisitive selves and imaginations. It will be fun too!

More workshops have taken place and are taking place - email me of you are interested to know. 

Mar 14, 2011, 4:39 AM
Feb 22, 2012, 12:29 AM