Apart from individual counselling I offer various format workshops to suit needs of the participants. The workshops can be a one-off introduction to Biography Work and building a biography chart or they form a series of meetings to allow focused and deep exploration of life questions that live in the group. 

My favourite format is 3 hours in one morning and 3 hours next morning, to include some private digestion space and dreams in between, to deepen your individual process with the questions.  

Three afternoons within a month is also a very good format. In the last three years every spring I hold the workshop 'Working with one's biography in a group', with about 10-12 participants. See Events page for more details.

For recent, current and forthcoming workshops see Events and News subpage.  

Participants of my talk-workshop 12.03.2011, at St. Stephen's school, Rome

Themes of Workshops that I offer include:

- Stages in our biography: what's the point?

- Building up your own Biography Chart and learning to work with it.

- Turning points in our Biography: what are they and how to work with them.

- Exploring meanings of being a parent in our individual biography.

- Anxieties that accompany our 'coming of age' phase of life. Why is it hard to grow up?

- Understanding disability and illness in a family.

- Living with duties and responsibilities of parenting.

- Understanding the Four Temperaments in ourselves and in others. 

- What kind of parent I want to be? Exploration. 

- When two biographies meet: challenges of a long-term relationship.

- Spouse, Carer, Partner, Companion... Images of marriage: who are we to each other?

Workshops may include talks and open discussion, creative experiential activities (watercolours, pastel or other light easy to work with medium, movement), expanding the circle of questions, recommended reading list, building up a concrete plan to face our challenges more prepared.

Please email me with your requests and we will discuss the best ways to respond to your needs. 

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