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I asked some of my clients if they would say something about the counselling and therapeutic work we did

Julia was professional, supportive and full of warmth and understanding. I initially began sessions with her after a painful separation and at a point in my life when anxiety and lack of confidence were clouding my life. Julia patiently guided me through the process of finding a true sense of worth and instilled in me the tools I so lacked to really live my life the way I want and deserve. It was tough work initially, but as Julia gained my trust I found that I really began to look forward to our sessions. The experience was invaluable, the process continues, but Julia has provided me with the awareness that I need to really begin to live my life to the full.


I have enjoyed all those sessions, the tears and the laughter. Feeling these emotions intensely is invigorating exhausting enlightening and I must admit I come out feeling different, stronger more capable which brings me to my question at the beginning about coping....its no longer a question about can I cope? but 'how can I cope?' 'how can I deal with this situation?' 'what is the best way to manage it?' I've enjoyed the questioning myself, the way you ask direct questions about my feelings as I relate episodes of my past and present. I am stopping and thinking and understanding. 


.. about our work building up a biography and life events chart:

Most helpful was probably the act of putting each event down because in doing so I was able to first identify it (yes, that happened to me) and then give meaning to (yes, that is part of whom I am that is unique to me.)

ES, 42

Image [of the relationship in the marriage] at the beginning - a static block, frozen in a ever repeating pattern of non-communication. Image at the end - the ice as melted, while still a huge amount of work needs to be done, it is no longer a static situation. Things started to move.

A. and F. 

I was nervous at first about seeing Julia but thanks to her gentle manner and sensitivity I relaxed into it quite quickly. I came out of the sessions feeling enriched, sometimes a bit uncomfortable because of the issues that had arisen, but always with a desire go deeper. The process of gaining self understanding has been gradual and feels a bit like winding up the engine that is your core person after many years of being out of motion. I felt supported and able to give more space to emotions, particularly negative ones and this helped me to feel myself and what I wanted out of life. At the time I started counselling I felt unsure about my role as a mother and my identity as a woman, Julia has helped me to carve out my own path and begin a process of inner liberation.    

MJ 37 years old

I approached Julia based on the recommendation of a close friend, and it is one of the best decisions I had made, for a very long time. I took a specific question into my first session which was about my relation with my husband  after my children leaving home . She  was very professional and supportive. She guided me throughout my time with her. She did not carry me, but gave me the awareness and tools to think for myself and about myself. As part of the process,  Julia ended up helping me in many areas of my life, well beyond my initial question. Her professionalism is outstanding, and her memory and attention to detail are second to none.   She truly cares about her clients and I recommend Julia unreservedly to anyone who is struggling to cope, has a major question to answer in their life. 

S.M. 47 years old