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Biographical Counselling

'One needs to be on the bank of the river to be able to contemplate the flow of the water: this cannot be achieved if one is actually in it.’  Gudrun Burkhard in her book 'Taking Charge' 

Biographical Counselling in its basis has a picture of a human being who throughout life holds the delicate balance between the physical bodily reality and the inner call of our spiritual core and our individual biography intentions.

(Human Being on his/her life development path, drawing by Henrietta Dekker, copyright)

Biography is what we, each individual, inscribe on the path of our unfolding life, 
our movements, choices and steps... inward, outward, fast, slow, decisive or cautious, safe or courageous - 
depending on the stage where we are in our biography, our age, our bodily constitution, what traumas we carry from our past, circumstances and people we meet, our current task and forces available.

In my work I carefully choose approach and tools that are tailored for you. Depending on what question you bring and your need we may use art forms, breathing techniques and mindful movement. I use therapeutic pilates and spatial dynamic work when appropriate, as it allows body experience of flow and release from feeling stuck or blocked. 

Biographical Counselling usually is a process of working one to one with a counsellor, 
aimed at serving your need to understand, to question, to heal, to find sources to face your challenges and tasks. Exploring your individual biography chart can become one of the ways to open doors for your insights and understanding towards making sense of events and struggles in your life.   

... so that
"We begin to experience our life not as something random and haphazard that happened to us, 
but as a uniquely unfolding story that belongs to us and that we have created and intended, 
including the trials, difficulties and obstacles." (Margli Matthews)
Biographical Counselling also works well if you experience difficulties in your relationships with your partner. In what is called couple counselling, the client is the relationship itself, what is created in time by the partners between them. In couple counselling I see both partners together though some individual sessions may be also useful. 

How does it work? 

Email me or send me a text and we will take it from there. We will discuss location, costs and timings. One session per week usually is a good pace, but it depends on your individual circumstances. My fees are indicated on my Home page.  

I usually see clients between 10 am and 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Though we can work out a schedule to suit you.

We also can have sessions online or on the phone. Online is a relatively new way to step into counselling process and in my professional experience it can work very well if its limitations are accepted and even turned into benefits. 

I have 48 hours cancellation policy, so if you need to cancel your appointment let me know minimum 48 hours in advance so that I can offer this time to another client.

At the end of this page I would like to share with you this observation, that I feel has something to do with the nature of own development work: 

...Pistachio shells are opened by the nut. Somehow the nut grows too big for the shell and forces the shell to open.  But most of the nut remains hidden by the shell and can only break free with the conscious efforts of a human being.