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About me

My name is Julia Dvinskaya. I hold a Diploma in Biographical Counselling, and had my training in the UK with a BACP accredited course.  
I am an Accredited BACP member and you can find my page on the Registered Database of psychotherapists and counsellors in the UK:

As a Registered and Accredited Member of the BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy  - I have professional insurance and in my work I follow the ethics and the code of practice upheld by the BACP. See http://www.bacp.co.uk  
My other professional support are the PABC - Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors http://www.pabcsite.org  and the Biography and Social Development Trust, UK.
I also see Russian speaking clients as I was born and grew up in Moscow, I moved to work and live in in London in 1992. 

Continuing my professional development I attend training courses and professional conferences - in the UK, in Italy and in wider Europe. I also contribute to conferences on personal development and therapeutic work as a speaker, you can read more about it and see some photos from my recent workshops on further pages of this website. 

Additionally, I work as a volunteer in charity-based organisations that work towards social integration and healthier community. 

Professional research is an important part of my work. Currently I am preparing a publication that describes and explores methods of working with the human sensorial system in the therapeutic process. My research theme lies in the psychosomatic basis of human life.

Email me to set up the initial meeting to look at the steps you can take with the help of the counselling process.  Reed more about Biographical Counselling on the next page.  

Those of you who visited my website when I worked in Rome, remember that I had practice rooms in Aventino area, which was such a beautiful part of Rome; now - having moved fully back to London, I am glad to say now I work in three locations in London :  

near West Kensington/Barons Court area, at Serenity Rooms, 59-a Chesson Road,  W14 

near Hammersmith tube station, at 51 Queen Caroline St, W6


near Baker Street area, at 35 Park Road NW1, at the Therapy and Wellness Centre

We can discuss what location is most suitable for you, to reduce your travel to the sessions if possible. 

Contact me on: juliadv@counsellor.com  and we will take it from there.